Even the greatest people fall

One of the longest serving CEO of Entropic Communications has been Patrick Henry. He has been the CEO since 2003 till 2014 when he was ousted by the Board of Directors. This was due to an alleged misdemeanor charge filed by a small time actress named Ariane Bellamar. She had starred in a reality show “Beverly Hills Nannies”. The alleged incident happened in Utah on a winter morning on January 20, 2014. The actress was a guest at Patrick Henry Entropic house in Park City. It was alleged by Patrick Henry that she was drunk at the time and that it was she who had misbehaved with him. However Ariane claimed that Patrick had pushed her down and broke her cell phone when she tried to call the emergency number 911. As he threw her cell phone down, the screen broke and this is what prompted her to file criminal charges against him. The maximum punishment in case of conviction would be a jail sentence for six months and a fine of $1000.

Henry claimed that she fell down on her own as she was drunk. There were no witnesses to the scene. According to a spokesperson for Henry the statements made by Ariane were not in the least consistent with the facts. They maintained that she was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident and that a proper probe would bring out the exact details. It is said that she joined Patrick at his request after they met on the online social network. This incident was like a black mark on his career and Henry was asked to step down from the post of CEO of the company and ordered to do community service. This is one form of punishment which is very common in the United States.